One place, a rock on a hill overlooking the ocean, is the spot where fourteen different shots (video clips) are recorded. The camera points in a direction and records for 10 seconds. The camera pivots a few degrees counterclockwise and records for 10 seconds. This process is repeated twelve more times, each time rotating a few more degrees counterclockwise before recording. When the cycle is completed the camera will be back at its first position and 14 ten second clips will have been recorded describing a 360 degree view from the central position of the rock. This process is repeated each day of the year from the same spot, sometimes at sunrise, sometimes during the day, sometimes at sunset, and sometimes at night. This film is a daily record of one year at Mount Battie, Maine. It is a record of the seasons, the changing light from dawn to evening, sunrise and sunset; the changing weather from bright sun to overcast skies, fog, rain and snow; and the changing visitors that come by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck and camper to make a pilgrimage to the mountain vista that overlooks a small harbor on the coast of Maine, the North Atlantic coastal islands, and the expansive Atlantic Ocean. They come to Mount Battie in peaceful revelry and recognition of a very special place.

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