Unlike the world wars and Korea, not many films have come out of the murderous fatigue of Viet Nam. Perhaps that's because it's not easy to make a film about a difficult, complicated war. Walter Ungerer set out to make a film about the decision facing a conscientious American youth when he is drafted. Arthur, the hero (played by Columbia University student Arthur Albert) is drafted and unsure of what to do. Slowly we are introduced to three sets of characters whose decisions ultimately determine the course of Arthur's resolution to his dilemma, and thus his life.

First comes a group of non-Americans. Then a second group consisting of actual friends, family and acquaintances of Arthur the actor. Finally, the third group, an intriguing cross-section of Americans: teenie boppers, suburbanites, Green Berets, an artist and a Spanish American War vet. The final solution is brought about by bringing the non-Americans together in an auditorium, showing them all the previously shot footage and asking them to vote on what they think Arthur should do.


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